Breeding Policies

Keygolde Schnauzers breeds very few litters and only when we believe that the Dog and Bitch together will produce puppies that improve the overall quality of the Standard Schnauzer for years to come. As such, we breed for Temperament, Health and the correct Physical attributes to further the breed as Performance and Companion animals.

We breed to improve the overall Standard Schnauzer. We do not breed to produce pets and although no litter is ever filled with the perfect show dogs or the ideal performance candidates, we devote the same time and attention to each puppy as if it were the next #1 dog in the United States. We do not rate our puppies as Pet or Show quality; but rather, as Performance or Companion candidates.

Performance candidates have all the necessary physical attributes and temperament qualities to compete in Conformation showing and/or Performance sports.

Companion candidates have all the necessary physical attributes to compete in performance sports, but may lack the necessary physical style to do well in the Conformation rings.

Both our Performance and Companion puppies get the same time and attention to their overall health and the development of their personalities because the simple facts are, that the Conformation showing life of a dog is roughly three years if they are a Special after they receive their Championship. The average Standard Schnauzer is active in performance sports well into their 8th and 9th years of life. During all this time, they are predominately a family companion and we believe that every family deserves a healthy and mentally sound family pet.

Keygolde Schnauzers also promotes the history of the Standard Schnauzer as an overall Working dog and our breeding stock also have working titles. We breed to produce the necessary physical attributes to perform their historical functions as a ratter, herder and family guardian. To this end, we do not sell any puppy with natural ears or a natural tail. We believe this policy is necessary to uphold the fine history that the breed has as an overall farm dog and promotes the overall health of the breed and lastly, to adhere to the written breed standard in the United States.