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Keygolde Schnauzers is conveniently located in the North Texas Metro-Plex (Dallas-Fort Worth).
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Contact Phone: 817-774-2274 (Central Time)

Keygolde Schnauzers is a Preservationist Breeder
Preservationist Breeders:

  1. Adhere to the written breed standard.
  2. Produce mentally and physically dogs that pass GENETIC health tests.
  3. Dogs that perform (excel at) canine sports that reflect the heritage of the breed.
  4. Seldom breed and only when the Sire and Dam can produce puppies that improve the overall health of the breed.

The corner stones for Keygolde Schnauzer success are -

  • Purposely bred puppies
  • Home raised dogs that are part of the family
  • Dogs that are well socialized in the community;
  • Natural Feeding Plan (modified raw)
  • Positive Training Methods

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