Natural Feeding

Keygolde Schnauzers feeds a modified B.A.R.F. (Bones And Raw Foods) diet. We believe that this diet is the underlying reason for our dogs' health and stability. Our puppies are weaned on this style diet and we strongly encourage our puppy buyers to continue on with the natural diet regimen.

We understand that for many people, the B.A.R.F. diet is confusing and more than a bit scarey to undertake. There are many companies in Northern California who have taken the "quess" work out of feeding this way, by preparing the raw and wholesome foods in ready serve tubs and tubes -- Oma's Pride, Primal Pet Foods and Granddad's are three companies who will ship directly to customers in dry ice containers. You can feed these ready made patty mixes alone or by mixing them with kibble and dairy products to produce a healthy diet. If you chose this way of feeding for one of our puppies, we recommend the following kibble brands ---Solid Gold (Hund-n-Flocken), Pinnacle, Wellness, and Flint River. Another new kibble brand we have tried and liked recently is Doctor's Finest Pet Product's brand "Best Dog Food"

Many veterinarians are coming around to the BARF style of feeding and many see an advantage, at the very least, to adding cooked meats and vegetables to kibble based diets, for improved health.

You will see in your own Keygolde puppy that they are leaner, have more stable temperaments, no "doggy" odor, no "doggy" breath and are healthier than their non- BARF peers. You will also see that their waste product is easier to dispose of, does not attract flies, and does not smell like that of kibble fed dogs.

To see if your dog is thriving on whatever dietary regimen you chose, look for the following indicators that the diet you are using is NOT working for your dog.

Wendy Volhard is a leading authority on natural dog food diets and feeding plans. Check out her web page ( for easy to follow information on a variety of dog feeding plans and simple to follow dietary recommendations for your Keygolde dog.